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We use petitions to demand a review of their law in order to protect human rights. In order to abolish the death penalty sentence in our cases, we run a petition which an individual can sign in attempt to seize that type of punishment. C.A.P.N.O needs YOU in order to create justice in countries around the globe. 



C.A.P.N.O welcomes members within our society to contribute to fight for the justice of victims sentenced to Capital Punishment. As a team, we work together to end all Capital Punishment sentences as we can at a time. Join us now by clicking Volunteer.

Join our protests
Give a donation

In the countries that obtain the death penalty around the world, C.A.P.N.O and other organisation protest together to fight for the human right to live. Join us to end Capital Punishment around the world now, click the title to learn more!! 


Help us fund a legal team to fight for the victims of Capital Punishment around the world. C.A.P.N.O supports victims with a legal team that defends them during court. Click Donate for more information.


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